Reverse Cycle-ology: Aaron Mussleman

horsehead: Jeanie Moberly

DinaSOAR: Justin Eppley

Unicorn Man rides again!: Kesse Humphreys

Wonderland: Kevin Leaman

Kimberlee Traub:

Royally Mis-Beehiving: Lenore Musselman

Windchime: Marie and Peter Lysionek

Island of Everything: Neighborhood Bike Works

Ghost Ship: Seph Cherkasky

Sports: Jasmine Kaur

Good Samaritan: House Of India PA

The Bald and the Beautiful: Bald Spot Bikers

Carter High School of Architecture and Design:

Trashed: Crazy Bike Clan

Escargo!GO!GO!: Dana Kluchinski

First Stop:

H.A Brown-OIC:

Carnival de Resistance:

Bond: House Of India PA

Fusion: House Of India PA

Workshop Mario Kart: Workshop School



Flying Pig Award: presented by New Kensington Community Development Corporation

People’s Choice Award: presented by Philadelphia Brewing Co.

Award for Best Engineering: presented by JA Cunningham Equipment

Award for Best Breakdown: presented by Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

Award for Best Costuming: presented by The Somers Team

Best 1-2 Person Sculpture: presented by Tufas Boulder Lounge

Award for Best First-Time Entry: presented by Penn Treaty Special Services District

Award for Best/Worst Pun: presented by Green Mountain Energy




Onias Dickson: Retired Trenton Ave. Arts Fest Coordinator

Lorne Peart: PhillyCam

Jill Betters: Penn Treaty Special Services District

Cait Kenny: Retired Kensington Derby Coordinator

Steve Hach: Philadelphia Brewing Company

Kristen Herrmann: 95.7 Ben FM

Katya Noreika: Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Chris Somers: The Somers Team

Conor Hagerty: Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

Mark Squilla: Philadelphia City Council

Madison Graboyes: East Kensington Neighbors Association

Katie Martin: NKCDC Board Member

Matt Nocho: Avenues of Change

Melissa Kim: Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Trenton Avenue

from Norris to York

Indego Bike Share

Berks Station Bike Corral


Berks MFL Stop
3, 5, and 25 bus routes


Car parking is limited, but if you must drive, you may find a spot on nearby side streets.