Philadelphia Brewing Company: Philadelphia Brewing Company

Dr. Waffles and the Rats of NICK: Nicholas Janetos

Huntington Ace: Joshua Trott

Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Peanuts

CHAD Chariot: Charter High School for Architecture and Design

Toolbox: Workshop School

Workshop Brain: The Workshop School

Mario Stars: H A Brown Elementary

The Hamm’s-ster: The Hamm’s-sters

Side Show Joe: PMA Bike Ride

The Galactic Whale: Neighborhood Bike Works Space Riders

Reptilikus: The Embassy of the ReptiliKan Empire Planet Gilphorz-72C

H4ck3rs: Hive76

The Care Bear Bike Clan: Crazy Bike Clan

Bald Spot Comics: Greg Lebold

Gentry’s Fried Fish: Club 9

The Bike-B-Q: Adam Franklin

Deathmobile: Killer Kinetics



Flying Pig Award: presented by Sandy Salzman

People’s Choice Award: presented by Philadelphia Brewing Co.

Judge’s Choice Award: presented by Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

Award for Best Art: presented by J2 Design

Award for Best Engineering: presented by JA Cunningham Equipment

Award for Best Breakdown: presented by Stuart Leon Bicycle Crash Attorney

Award for Best Costuming: presented by Beth Beverly

Award for Best Overall Theme: presented by LISC

Award for Best 10+ Person Team: presented by Keep Philadelphia Beautiful

Bob Phillips Award for Best 1-2 Person Sculpture

Award for Best First-Time Entry: presented by FK Productions

Award for Best/Worst Pun: presented by PTSSD




Erike De Veyra: PARK(ing) Day Philadelphia

Joseph Coleman: Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

Steve Hach: Philadelphia Brewing Company

John Spetrino: FK Productions

Katrina Mansfield: PTSSD

Marilyn Cruz: South Kensington Community Partners Board

Henry Pyatt:

Melissa Kim: LISC

Conrad Benner: Streets Dept

Chris Marshall: Last Stop AA

Katie Martin: NKCDC Board Member

Kira Strong: Rebuild

Michelle Feldman: Keep Philly Beautiful

Beth McConnell: PACDC

Charlotte Castle: Vision Zero

Allen Lamboy: Citizen's Bank

Trenton Avenue

from Norris to Hagert

Indego Bike Share

Berks Station Bike Corral


Berks MFL Stop
3, 5, and 25 bus routes


Car parking is limited, but if you must drive, you may find a spot on nearby side streets.